House Painting Services

Painting houses is something we have a lot of experience with. Especially old Vancouver specials.

Strata Painting

The Vancouver Painting Company operates large strata projects all the time. From corridors to entire exteriors on the boom lift we can handle any project.

Commercial Painting

Aritzia, Apple, Wall Mart, Starbucks, Bose, Government Housing, School Districts, are among the few commercial clients we currently work with. Proper commercial estimates, 5 million liability with added insurable, and active WCB make us a smart choice for your business.

Condo Painting

Condos was what we built The Vancouver Painting Company on in the early years. We have an efficient system that offers you affordable one day painting on most condos.

Special Projects

Murals, wall paper removal, parking lot lines, static painting, boom lifts, are just a few of the services we offer. When it comes to applying paint we have seen it all and are trained to carry out almost any paint application.

Customer Service

We love painting, and it shows in our attitude toward every job. Customer service is something we focus on from estimate through final touches on your project. Friendly, knowledgable staff are always available to help answer all your project questions.