36 reason why you might HIRE the VANCOUVER PAINTING COMPANY

36 reasons to hire the Vancouver Painting Company
1. We like painting
2. We work on weekends
3. We work in the evening
4. We will work all night
5. Don’t smoke
6. Don’t drink
7. Young and fit painters
8. We’ve hired an energetic girl painter
9. Dress respectably
10. Have indoor shoes
11. Have tons of references (commercial, residential)
12. Affordable but not cheap
13. Fast and clean when working
14. Don’t take breaks other then lunch or dinner
15. Always fair when asked for extras
16. Amazing at drywall repair
17. Highest quality sprayers, high quality results
18. Lowest contractor rates on paint
19. Impeccable English
20. Easy to understand quotes that both VPC and client agree to before we begin painting
21. A program that matches any color in a photo and turns it to paint
22. A paint knowledge base that comes with 20 years of commercial and residential paint jobs
23. We Are Insured
24. We are apart of WCB
25. Accept credit cards
26. We paint apple computers, it’s a lot of stuff to paint around, but we do it.
27. We offer 10% off to seniors
28. Wholesale costs for larger work volume
29. We give 1% to help the planet (One Percent for the Planet)
30. Commercial and residential power washing service.
31. Carpentry service when needed
32. Free 10 min estimates
33. You approve of work before we get paid
34. We Service entire lower mainland
35. Believe quality is what will have the largest impact on our success as painters

36. Are phone number spells fix me up, and we will with a sweet paint job soif you give us a call – 604-FIXMEUP